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Hi, my name is Ashwin Barshe and I am the founder of The Techie Things. I live in one of the most beautiful cities of Navi Mumbai's, Kharghar. I have been using and doing this computer stuff from around 3 years if memory serves correctly.

I was born in Kharghar, One Of The Most Populer and Beautiful Destination in Navi Mumbai. I have spent my entire childhood over there only. Schooling and College Life in CBD, Belapur. As I fall into January, it makes me Aquarius, a Water Bearer sign, mostly calm.

My Educational Life

I shall start with revealing a little secret. Mostly people around me think that I am so much Intelligent. I never could understand why because there is never anything that I did so that I can feel the same too. So with that fact, let me share my educational life so far.I did my graduation started from F.G.Naik College,Koparkhairane in Commerce stream.Although I am just 20 years of age, I’ve had a multitude of experience, Joining CVTI and complite Computer Hardware & Networking course at the age of 17 – since. Besides that, I was also trying my hands with this computer stuff. Somehow, I got so much interested in it only.I tried my hands with mostly everything. At the end, I got myself focused towards HTML, XML, PHP, CSS, DHTML and JavaScript. Also Android Application & Game Reviews Providing on blogs and wapsits. Ok I am learning and doing computer stuff. How’s that?

There is a lot of information on this page so please feel free to jump through using the menu below.

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My Interests

Sports ::.

I am a die-hard fan of Playing Cricket. I practiced it for almost 7 years. I had to leave it cause of my other routines and lack of time but I still never miss watching it, either on tv or in a live. Besides Cricket, I love football. Well, Yes I never miss watching the match whenever I am around even for few overs.


Music is one of the most powerful mediums which effect one’s soul to the deepest levels. I am a music-buff. Basically I like all kinds of music. But what I am going to hear, it depends on my mood. In general, all type of music are my favorites except Rock. I don’t like Rock much. In specific, I like soulful, melodious music with lyrics which touch heart and soul.

Some of my favorite songs are a mix from both old and new times. “Party All Night”,”Gandi Baat”, if just to name 1 or 2. In New songs, there are so many like “Blue Eyes”,”Har Kissi Ko Nahi Milta”.”Don't Wake Me Up”, “The Other Side”, “Love You Till The End” and many many more from English tracks.


I read a lot. Magazines, comics, novels, story books, articles, blogs, anything. Yes now when I have started learning Oracle, most of my time is taken in reading Oracle manuals and Oracle books. But I do read other stuff too. I like novels from Sidney Sheldon, Sophie Kinselly. Apart from that love stories and poetry are food for my reading appetite. My favorite book is “The Collage Life”.

How I Spend My Time

When I am not going classes or studying Oracle, you can find me sitting in front of my PC Surfing The Internet. I love to stumble upon sites of my interest. Mostly they all are related to humor, jokes, poetry or random articles about life, love. I love to read so it’s a good way for me of spending my time.

If I don’t feel like sitting on pc or doing nothing at all, than I go to Brohouse Café and sit over there, sipping hot or cold coffee, whichever I feel like having. Again they have a good collection of magazines so I try them once for sure. If wont be reading than will just sit and watch people. It’s the best thing to do. There is always something happening in front of you to make you smile.

If I am not on internet or not in Brohouse Café than look for me in some park sitting on the bench. That time, I am just with my self, thinking about myself, what I have done, planning about future or sometimes just sitting with myself doing and thinking nothing at all.

You must be thinking up till now, all of the things that I have told, I didn’t reveal anything about me being with my friends, hanging out with them or anything like that. Well let me clear all the doubts, I love to meet new people and make friends and I have a long list of them. I am lucky that I have so many people who love me so much .Whenever I get time, I am with some of my closest pals. But if no one is around, well I told you where I shall be?

My Self In Future

Future is really something which can’t be defined and bounded in any boundaries. Its certainly can’t be decided too. Yes I have some plans and goals that I have decided for me but its better to keep them a secret for now. Lets see where life takes me? Yes whatever I shall be doing, I guarantee you that it will be with full passion and dedication.

My Self For Life

My life and my self are not really limited to one thing or aspect. I love to learn new things, expanding my horizon of knowledge in every aspect. Life is so short and this world is so big. There is so much out there to learn. My mantra for life is that believe in your self , stay focused and keep going. If you know what you are doing is not wrong than don’t be afraid from doing it ever.Have faith in yourself and on God.Value your relations and people in them. Help those who need you. Give smiles and spread happiness as much you can and it will come back to you in doubles.

..::: I Have Something About You Too :::..

By all this while, I have come to know about you too something. You have a lot of patience that you read till this line. Hope I didn’t bore you.